Top Racketballers in Action!

If you want to know how the game of racketball should be played, then this is a good example. Richard 'I hardly ever play now' Moore v Stew 'Dieter of the Decade' Chandler clash in this battle of strength and strategy. 

A classic an example of two elite Hampshire racketballers at the absolute top of their game! Note the way both athletes glide around the court effortlessly and play shots so tight and well planned, the likes of which you would normally only see on the world circuit! 

Of particular note is the rather cheeky if not over confident way that Stew (long body) Chandler performs a jump over manoeuvre to regain control of the rally.  Also when the rally finishes, the self restraint and words of positive self encouragement that only a true pro can demonstrate to an onlooking crowd of fans! Turn up your volume to hear this.

After losing the match, Hampshire Racketball Secretary, Chandler was quoted as saying 'Squash57? What a load of f*cking shite' Followed by 'I need a Guinness'