About Racketball

Racketball is played on a conventional squash court using similar rules to that of squash. The difference is that a larger faster ball is used with a slightly shorter racket. This result is that players have a longer opportunity to get to and hit the ball, which in turn means longer rallies. The added benefit is that injuries to players are far less and generally players can carry on playing racketball much later in life than they may have done with squash. As with squash, racketball rackets have improved and enlarged and the balls have slowed from the ultra fast balls of the 80's & 90's. This has allowed the game of Racketball to evolve into a much more skillful and enjoyable game.

Racketball is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK enjoyed by hundreds of players in Hampshire, some who play squash as well, but also those who are dedicated solely to the game. Racketball is a great game which requires both control of a faster ball and stamina to keep going during much longer rallies than most club players would get playing squash. Its appeal is growing fast with not only older squash players taking it up, but also younger players also giving it a try and enjoying racketball whilst still playing squash. It can also appeal to non squash players who perhaps may be starting up having only played tennis or badminton. Tennis players are able to adapt to racketball very quickly and become proficient having never played squash.

What is clear is that Racketball is the game of the future. Squash clubs are now benefiting from the growth in Racketball which will no doubt help to secure the future of many clubs. Can Racketball ever be an Olympic Sport? Some argue that it could be and would be before squash is considered again. If you have not tried the bigger ball yet, what are you waiting for?   Click HERE for a short intro video.