Stay Fit!

You owe it to yourself to stay fit and healthy and playing racketball can play a big part of achieving that.  However just getting on court is only part of the plan and on it's own will not keep you 'tip top'.  There are many other aspects that players should consider and we have included a few bits of simple info below that may help you keep yourself 'a bit nice', particularly through the cold winter months when often things can go wrong for us fit types!

Prevent Sports Injury
Playing racketball can be a demanding game and one which requires our bodies to be as supple and pre prepared as possible.  Wandering on court and expecting the 5 minute warm up to sort everything out is asking for trouble.  Allow time for a good warm up before you go on court. In other words you need to warm up before the warm up!  This can be done in many ways by gentle jogging, flexing, stretching etc. You will know which bits need attention.
Properly cooling down is also important.  There is a lot of information available on the subject.  Here is one such link HERE

Keep Hydrated

This is essential to maintain health and prevent injury.  Your muscles depend on the correct level of hydration during exertion, so make sure you take in fluid before, during and after a game. That does not include beer! Although that is very nice after a game. More info HERE

Prevent Illness

This is equally important, as being ill can knock you for six and keep you out of the game for weeks or even longer. Our biggest risk is probably flu with around 25% of us getting it during the winter months.  There is no shortage of advice available on this subject, however you only need to keep in mind a few basics in order to give yourself a fighting chance of keeping out of trouble.

Firstly the prevention of catching viruses and infections will depend very much on how you manage the risk of contracting it in the first place.  There is germs and bacteria everywhere! You are not going to avoid it, but the golden rule of washing your mitts before you eat will reduce all sorts of risks.

Can Racketball give me the Flu? You probably already know how viruses such as the Flu are spread, e.g. by airborne particles and bodily fluid being sneezed or coughed or by touching an object which has been touched by an infected person and then transferring it to you by touching your mouth, nose or eyes which is where a virus enters your body.  Well have you ever considered how this risk is rasied during a game of racketball?  Think about it now.  During a game, you are passing between you, a rubber ball which is contaminated with bodily fluid which you will no doubt be transferring back to your face both during and after the game.  There is little that you can practically do to prevent about that, but what you can do is to get a flu jab and reduce the risk of going down with flu if you are infected.  They only cost around £12 from your local chemist. 25% of us are due to get it this winter!  More information on how Flu is spread can be found HERE  More general information of illness prevention in sport can be found HERE.  This is aimed at swimmers, however the content is very relevant to us as well.

Secondly diet is very important.  Eat the right stuff in the right quantity and ensure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals and this will also help us sporty people to keep fit and fight off any nasties.  Again the internet is full info on this subject, but here is a good link for starters

We want our racketball players to stay fit and healthy.  Look after yourself! Nobody else will be doing it for you.